Job Title:        System Operator I and II

Department:  Water and Sewer

Division:         Public Utilities

Salary:            System Operator I starts at $13.00 per hour

                            System Operator II starts at $14.00 per hour


Job Summary

 This position is responsible for skilled, licensed work in the operation and maintenance of water distribution and wastewater collection systems. Work involves the operation of wastewater collection and water distribution facilities and equipment to ensure compliance with federal and state law and the city’s water system permit. This position is also responsible for preventive maintenance, operation of high-pressure cleaning equipment to prevent or remove blockage and prevent sanitary sewer spill. Work will involve operation and maintenance of the city’s wastewater pump stations, reading water meters, repairing water mains, installation of water meters, installation of water meters and other duties pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the wastewater collection system and water distribution system.


Major Duties:

  • Operates and maintains equipment such as pumps, blowers, motors, and other equipment.
  • Detects improper operation of equipment and reports need for repair. 
  • Collects samples and sends to Jab .
  • May operate heavy equipment and or operate heavy trucks .
  • Properly marks lines to prevent damage from utility excavation or other underground utility work.
  • Logs data into computerized system and onto state reports .
  • Operates air compressors and other electrical equipment.
  •  Operates pump or dump truck as necessary .
  •  Completes assigned work orders .
  •  Conducts a variety of water and sewer line installations and repairs as needed .
  •  Properly marks lines to prevent damage from digging, repairs any damage . 
  • Handles public complaints and comments, requests for general information, etc .
  •  Flushes fire hydrants; performs chlorine testing on fire hydrants .
  •  Installs new utility meters as necessary.
  •  Tests meters upon requests .
  •  Disconnects and reconnects meters
  •  Reads meters as necessary .
  •  Perform safety and maintenance checks on lift stations .
  •  Advises supervisor of any requirements for maintenance or repairs .
  • Develops and carries out an on-going inspection and preventative maintenance program to insure adequate mechanical operation of pumping equipment.
  • Troubleshoots equipment as referred by work orders or verbal directions; determines necessary repairs; makes recommendations to supervisor regarding actions needed; and performs such work as feasible and appropriate.
  • Removes, repairs pumps, motors, valves, blowers, and other types of equipment related to water or wastewater systems and pumping facilities.
  • Performs basic maintenance and troubleshooting on a variety of electrical equipment related to pumping systems, including motors, manual and automatic control centers, panel-boards and switch indicators and remote-control equipment; troubleshoots and performs minor repairs on electric motors as required.
  • Utilizes a variety of mechanical, welding, plumbing, and machinists’ tools to fabricate, rebuild, strengthen, and maintain various parts and pieces of system equipment.
  • Maintains work records and preventative maintenance records and computer directed preventative maintenance records as required.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Knowledge of all federal, state and local safety practices and procedures,
  •  Knowledge of water distribution practices and procedures .
  •  Skill in performing routine mechanical repairs .
  • Ability to detect flaws and defects in the operation of equipment and initiate proper corrective actions.
  • Ability to prepare and maintain reports .
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers and the general public.
  • Ability to ascend and descend vertically in distances up to 25 feet .
  •  Ability to lift up to fifty pounds .
  •  Ability to use a two-way radio .
  •  Ability to drive standard equipped vehicles .
  •  Ability to negotiate uneven terrain .
  •  Ability to read and interpret charts, graphs, and gauges .
  •  Ability to tolerate environments containing dust, dirt, grease, smoke, fumes, and potential hazards.
  • Knowledge of geographical layout of the city.
  •  Skill in proper operation and basic repair of machinery and trucks used in
    assigned section.
  •  Ability to recognize hazardous materials and situations and respond according to training and city policies and procedures.
  • Ability to operate equipment and perform duties under a variety of weather conditions.
  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions .
  • Ability to communicate effectively with co-workers and general public .
  •  Through knowledge of the methods, methods, materials, tools, and equipment used in maintenance and repair; boilers, related pumps, gauges, motors and DDX controls.
  •  Knowledge of building maintenance requirements.
  • Knowledge of the electrical operation and troubleshooting of pumps, motors and generators, to determine problems and service equipment.
  • Knowledge of safety procedures related to the installation, repair and maintenance of various electrical and mechanical control systems and devices.
  •  Knowledge of locating and adjusting defects in electronic systems and equipment.
  •  Considerable skill in electrical and plumbing tasks.
  •  Skill in operating a variety of hand and power tools.
  • Ability to work independently to meet deadlines.
  •  Ability to work on multiple tasks at one time.
  •  Ability to elevate a problem and identify solutions.
  •  Knowledge of hazards and safety precautions associated with operation of equipment.
  •  Knowledge of city and departmental policies and procedures.
  •  Knowledge of state motor vehicle laws.


Minimum Qualifications:

 System Operator I:

  •  High school diploma or equivalent
  •  One (1) year of related experience
  •  Currently certified as a Water Distribution Operator and Wastewater Collection Operator (Within one (1) year of hire.)
  • Possession of a valid Commercial Driver’s License. (Within two (2) years of hire.) And/or be designated as a heavy equipment operator
  • Experience with internet-based systems preferred

System Operator II:

  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Water Distribution Operator and Wastewater Collection certification required (Within one (1) year of hire.)
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license
  • Possession of a valid Commercial Driver’s License. (Within two (2) years of hire.)
  • Equivalent combination of education and experience


Supervisory ResponsibilityNone

SupervisorWater Sewer Supervisor


Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM


E-Verify User ID#140692

Authorization Date: 07/30/08


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