Garbage Service

Garbage pick-up is a service that the City of Fort Oglethorpe contracts out with Republic Services.  The City provides each household with one cart that is scheduled to be picked up once per week.  Garbage must be set out BEFORE the garbage truck runs in order for garbage to be picked up.  Garbage cart must be placed in a position so that the arm on the truck can reach it.  Keep in mind that garbage cannot be picked up if a vehicle or some other obstruction is blocking the cart.

Attention Residents:
Please help us keep our city beautiful by placing your 95-gallon trash bin at the curb no earlier than 3:30 PM on the day prior to the day scheduled for collection. Please remove your trash bin from the curb no later than the next day following the scheduled collection day.

Persons who need an additional cart may lease one for $18.00 per every 3 months through Republic Services. If interested, contact Republic Services at 423-867-4650.

Persons wishing to participate in Recycling, may do so by contacting Republic Services at 423-867-4650.  A recyclable cart may be leased from Republic Services for $18.00 per every 3 months.  If you are interested, call 423-867-4650.


Republic Service will observe the following holidays:

-New Years Day
-Memorial Day
-Independence Day
-Labor Day
-Thanksgiving Day
-Christmas Day

Residents whose regularly scheduled service day falls on the day of or on a day after an observed holiday will receive service one day later than normal the week of the holiday.  Friday customers will receive service on Saturday. 

NOTE: When an observed holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, service will not be delayed.  It will be performed on your regularly scheduled service day. 

For questions regarding Garbage Service, call 706-866-2544, ext. 3.

A schedule of pick-up days for the streets in Fort Oglethorpe is listed below.  To find your regular scheduled day, simply type in your street name on the search bar and hit enter.

Alamar StreetTuesday
Amelia DriveMonday
Anchor DriveThursday
Anderson LaneWednesday
Avalon RoadMonday
Barnhardt CircleWednesday
Barrett DriveWednesday
Battlefield ParkwayTuesday
Battlewood Drive (North of Battlefield Parkway)Monday
Battlewood Drive (South of Battlefield Parkway)Tuesday
Beaver RoadMonday
Beck LaneMonday
Block RoadMonday
Bluegrass CircleThursday
Briarstone DriveThursday
Brown StreetWedneday
Buford LaneMonday
Bunker DriveThursday
Cannon DriveMonday
Cedargrove LaneMonday
Cedartree LaneThursday
Century DriveThursday
Century Station DriveThursday
Chris Brown LaneWednesday
Cindy CircleWednesday
Clinic RoadWednesday
Cloud Springs Road
Portion Near I-75
Coffman DriveWednesday
Colony CircleMonday
Cone DriveMonday
Corey CircleMonday
Courtney LaneThursday
Cross Crest StreetWednesday
Cross StreetWednesday
Cynthia DriveMonday
Dandelion TrailMonday
Daphne LaneMonday
Delores DriveTuesday
Dianne RoadWednesday
Dogwood CircleMonday
Dogwood DriveMonday
Donna LeeTuesday
Dyer Bridge Wednesday
East ElaineTuesday
East GateWednesday
East Rebel RoadMonday
Eaton CircleTuesday
Edgewood CircleMonday
Elaine CircleTuesday
Enscore StreetWednesday
Evergreen LaneMonday
Fant DriveTuesday
First StreetWednesday
Flagstone DriveThursday
Forest AvenueTuesday
Forrest RoadTuesday
Fort StreetTuesday
French StreetMonday
Frieda DriveMonday
Gala DriveTuesday
Gattis DriveTuesday
General Davis RoadMonday
General Hayes DriveMonday
General Hodges RoadMonday
General Johnson RoadMonday
Gilbert DriveTuesday
Glade RoadTuesday
Glenn StreetTuesday
Goldenrod LaneMonday
Gracie StreetTuesday
Harker RoadTuesday
Hathway DriveWednesday
Hays StreetMonday
Hedekin RoadWednesday
Herron StreetMonday
Hickory LaneMonday
Holli LaneThursday
Honeysuckle TrailMonday
Howard CircleTuesday
Howard DriveTuesday
Jackson WayTuesday
Jefferson LaneMonday
Johnson RoadMonday
Joy StreetMonday
Kinsey StreetMonday
Lafayette Road (From Cloud Springs Road South to Battlefield Pkwy)Monday
Lafayette Road (From Battlefield Pkwy to Harker Road)Tuesday
Lakeshore DriveTuesday
Lee CircleTuesday
Limestone DriveMonday
Mack Smith RoadWednesday
Madison AvenueMonday
Maple LaneTuesday
Martin RoadTuesday
McOtis DriveMonday
Mitchell RoadWednesday
Mockingbird LaneMonday
Morgan CircleTuesday
Musket TrailMonday
North Pepperson LaneThursday
North Thomas RoadWednesday
Nativity PlaceMonday
Old Lafayette Road (from Cloud Springs Road South to Battlefield Pkwy)Monday
Old Lafayette Road (from Battlefield Pkwy South to Harker Road)Wednesday
Outpost DriveThursday
Park DriveTuesday
Park Forest DriveMonday
Park Lane RoadMonday
Patsy LaneThursday
Patterson AvenueMonday
Pegram CircleTuesday
Peppercorn LaneThursday
Phillips DriveTuesday
Pine Hill RoadMonday
Pinewood Circle Monday
Pinewood DriveMonday
Pinewood LaneMonday
Polk CircleTuesday
Primrose LaneMonday
Rathburn CircleThursday
Resin LaneMonday
Riddle StreetMonday
Rifleman DriveMonday
Robert E. Lee StreetTuesday
Roberts DriveTuesday
Robin Ann LaneTuesday
Rocky Ford RoadMonday
South Cedar RoadMonday
Sage Brush LaneThursday
Savannah WayMonday
Second StreetWednesday
Semm DriveTuesday
Shamrock CircleMonday
Shelby StreetTuesday
Smith LaneMonday
Spring Place DriveMonday
Steele RoadThursday
Stephenson DriveTuesday
Stone EdgeMonday
Stuart DriveMonday
Stuart RoadTuesday
T J LaneMonday
Talley CircleTuesday
Third StreetWednesday
Thomas DriveMonday
Thomas RoadWednesday
Van CleveTuesday
Westside Country DriveMonday
Westside DriveMonday
White StreetWednesday
Wildwood TrailMonday
Winifred DriveMonday
Wood DriveTuesday
Yellow Brick RoadThursday

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