Job Title: POLICE OFFICER                                                                                   

Department: POLICE DEPARTMENT                                                                       

Division: UNIFORM ROAD PATROL                                                                               

Salary: $17.00 – $23.84 per hour

Job Summary

This position is responsible for performing a full range of law enforcement duties in the patrol, community policing, crime prevention, and transportation functions of the City of Fort Oglethorpe Police department. The incumbent may be assigned temporarily to a specialty area within the department based on needs.


Major Duties

  • Patrol Assignment. Maintains law and order and protects life and property to include: Patrols assigned geographic area; Receives and responds to dispatched calls; Investigates and takes appropriate action on assigned calls; Conducts security checks of businesses, parks, public building, industrial areas and residences; Issues citations and/or makes arrests for violations of laws including traffic violations and local ordinances; Prepares incident and accident reports; Attends and testifies in various levels of court, including Superior, State, Juvenile, Administrative and Municipal, on cases investigated or reports written; Responds to natural and man­ made disasters; Locates defendants and serves criminal warrants; Assists with crowd control and security· assignments at various pµblic gatherings or incident scenes; Reports hazardous conditions on public roadways and bridges; Conducts surveillance; Provides assistance to the public as needed; Provides information and guidance regarding victim’s rights; Assesses victims, rendering aid to the injured prior to EMS arrival; Requests assistance of other agencies including emergency and towing. services; Processes arrested persons following established procedures; Renders aid to other law enforcement personnel; Attends/participates in daily rofl call including inspection and training prior to going on duty; participates in training programs to improve knowledge and skills; performs a minimum of twenty training hours to include firearms and legal updates; performs specialized short or  long term assignments including administrative, technical and investigative duties as required; duties to include but not limited to court, City Hall security and , transporting inmates · to and from medical facilities; may serve as field training officer; works with public, civic organizations, etc. in conducting community activities.
  • Traffic Assignment. Maintains traffic control through observation and the use of speed detection devices; conducts road closures; detains and tests drivers suspected of driving under the influence; Directs traffic at scene; prepares accident reports; Conducts and prepares investigations of vehicle accidents; Attends/participates in daily roll call including inspection and training prior to going on duty; participates in training programs to improve knowledge and skills; performs specialized short or long term assignments including administrative, technical and investigative duties as required; Duties include special details that include but are not limited to assisting the public with various traffic related concerns; surveying intersections for new traffic control devices including but not limited to stop signs and speed signs; works with pub/ic, civic organizations, etc. in conducting community activities.
  • Investigator Assignment: Examines crime scenes to obtain clues arJ e viden_ce; provides testimony as a witness in court; analyzes completed police reports to determine what additional information and investigative work is needed; prepares charges or responses to charges, or information for court cases, according to formalized procedures; note, mark, and photograph location of objects found, such as footprints, tire tracks, bullets and bloodstains, and take measurements of the scene; obtain facts or statements from complainants, witnesses, and accused persons and record interviews, using recording device; Obtains summary of incident from officer in charge at crime scene, taking care to avoid disturbing evidence; Prepares and serves search and arrest warrants; takes depositions from victims; performs interviews and interrogations; preserves, processes, and analyzes items of evidence obtained from crime scenes and suspects, placing them in proper containers; records progress of investigation, maintains informational files on suspects, and submits reports to commanding officer or magistrate to authorize warrants.
  • Community Oriented Policing: Maintains peace within controlled school and community settings: investigates school and community incidents; collects evidence and property; completes incident and accident reports; serves warrants; testifies in court; gathers victim, defendant and witness information; prepares and delivers oral presentations in school and community settings; works with at-risk populations; analyzes data on crime trends and citizen complaints and determines appropriate response; plans and organizes community involvement; participates in problem­ solving activities aimed at reducing crime and increasing community safety.
  • Field Training Officer: Provides onthe-job training of entry level police officers. Observes, evaluates, directs, coordinates, assigns and instructs the orientation and initial training of new Maintains thorough records of training and progress of officer through weekly evaluation program; Conducts general and specialized training; Ensures compliance with standard operating procedures, policies and regulations; Counsels and assigns remedial instruction; Performs various inspections including staff appearance of uniform and equipment; patrol units; prepares and sends reports to shift commander.


Job Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Knowledge of law enforcement concepts and terminology; including criminal investigation, law enforcement and crime prevention; first-aid principles and techniques; report preparation and record keeping; and human behavior theories related to criminology, crisis intervention and crowd control;
  • Knowledge of laws and court decisions pertaining to law enforcement, including search and seizure, suspects and prisoner’s rights, and custody and protection of evidence; operational principles and practices of criminal investigation, law enforcement and crime prevention; court and trial procedures;
  • Knowledge of the use and effects of law enforcement weapons; methods of self-defense and physical restraint;
  • Knowledge of Fort Oglethorpe Police Department policies and procedures; geographic layout of the city; vocabulary of technical/specialized fields of law enforcement such as identification, detention and pathology;
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Skill in learning, interpreting, applying and explaining complex laws and regulations; reading and interpreting documents such as maps, diagrams and textbooks;
  • Skill in performing accurate mathematical calculations; comprehending and retaining factual information and applying what is learned;
  • Skill in observing and remembering details of events, names, faces, numbers and physical descriptions; preparing and maintaining clear, accurate and concise reports and files;
  • Skill in communicating effectively in both verbal and written form; exercising tact, self­ restraint , judgment and strategy in dealing with people of all races, ethnicities and socio­ economic groups and who may have emotional or physical difficulties;
  • Skill in exercising sound independent judgment in emergency or stressful situations; correctly interpreting a given situation and taking appropriate action under a variety of conditions;
  • Ability to react quickly and calmly in emergencies;
  • Ability to operate the computer and various programs;
  • Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions;
  • Ability to gather, assemble, analyze and evaluate facts and evidence and to draw sound conclusions; working ability to obtain valid information by interview and interrogation;
  • Ability to work rotating shifts, varying hours and be on call.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Maintain a valid driver’s license and satisfactory MVR
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Completion of High School diploma, or GED equivalent.
  • Successful completion of the pre-employment process which includes written exam, oral interview, background check, criminal records and traffic history check, medical and drug screening, polygraph evaluation, and/or voice stress test.
  • Meet POST requirements for Peace Officer Certification and/or academy admittance pursuant to GA law.
  • Successful completion of Police Academy.
  • Completion of Field Training Officer program.

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Authorization Date: 07/30/08


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